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Cut Flower Growers Training Series and Events


Trainings and Workshops

Our series of educational workshops on a model “flower farm” and in classrooms provide training on how to develop a thriving cut flower agriculture business for large and small sites. These trainings are geared towards both current, new and prospective flower producers. Workshops have been held around the state with hands-on training held on the Flower Farm School in Bolton, Mississippi, coming soon.

Training topics include:

  • choosing superior flowers and plants

  • how to grow and maintain healthy production sites

  • growing flowers in small urban areas to larger sites with space for high tunnels

  • harvesting techniques for superior flower products 

  • marketing and selling your flower products

  • managing a small business

To view our "Tulip Tuesday" webinar schedule, please click here

Start your own cut flower business for fun, for profit and for a sustainable income source. 

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Flower Growers of Mississippi Certifcation

After participating in 25 or more hours of training,
members can receive their Flower Growers Certification.
Become a member today!


Flower Bulb Giveaways

Members of Flower Growers of Mississippi get exclusive access to flower bulbs, tubers, corms and rhizomes to be used in their gardens and fields. Be sure to join the Flower Growers of Mississippi Facebook group to stay up to date on the bulb giveaways!


Farmer's Market in Jackson, MS

Once you have started producing your own cut flowers, take advantage of this unique opportunity to market and sell your floral products alongside other members of the Flower Growers of Mississippi cooperative at the High Street Farmer's Market.

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